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Nail polish colors that compliment your skin tone

How to choose nail color according to each skin tone

Besides a clean, soft and bright white hand, beautiful nail color is a big plus for your hands. But how to choose the nail color so as not to "contravene" is a difficult task. Let's go with US Nails & Spa to find "honest" nail polish colors!

1.Dark skin has many choices:
Don't be self-deprecating when you have a brown or dark skin tone. Because luckily, dark skin tones can be complimented by almost any beautiful nail polish color. As long as you don't create too much contrast, these colors are all great "helpers" for your skin tone!

For those who have a slightly dark skin tone and love vibrant colors, you should absolutely not ignore red, simple horizontal stripes.

2.Skin tone with red tones :

This is a beautiful nail color that will suit almost any skin tone. You can also easily mix them with your makeup and daily wear style. There are quite a few red colors such as dark red, wine red, plum red, blood red, wine red...

You can try different shades and choose the color gradation you like. Don't think that this is a "bad" paint color because just adding shimmer or gloss combined with a neat trimming will make the overall hand look very outstanding and attractive.

3.Pastel purple with pointed nails :

Pastel purple is a sweet, gentle purple that is slightly lighter than taro purple. With hot summer days like this, pastel purple will make the look and atmosphere around you much lighter and cooler. Although pastel purple is quite picky, when it is a nail color, it helps to raise your skin tone very well. Let's take a look at some pastel purple nail designs that are being loved the most by girls.

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